Results Tri-X vs HP5 Plus

The results of the scanned films are a little bit surprising. The show was exposed at +2 stops. From the density characteristics of the film manufacturer this exposure allows to keep texture in the show and in the same time rendering the snow white.

Kodak Tri-X

Kodak Tri-X



As a conclusion the Tri-X has more contrast on the negative but with more fog density of the film base. 

All in all the two emulsions are very similar although a more subtle gradation can be seen on the HP5 negative.   

Usage wise I think that both are very good in normal situations although the scene chosen was quite challenging.

I never understood the fascination with Kodak Tri-X

I was buying my first digital compact camera many years ago around the time digital was getting into the market. Since then I was shooting digital now and then and some years now I could afford my first DSLR.

My journey with black and white film photography started soon after as I always had the memory of shooting my first film camera at a very young age.

I was immediately captivated of the whole experience and I never stopped since.

Of course after some reading into it I came upon the high praised Kodak Tri-X stock. Of course my photographs were not that great to say the least but I was let down by the lack of acutance and gradation of Tri-X. 

I know now that many other photographers were complaining about the fact that the legendary emulsion has changed during the time and not for better. 

Since then I tried many others like: Ilford HP5+ , Delta 100, 400, 3200; Agfaphoto APX line, Foma line of films and recently Rollei. Out of the lot the HP5+ remained the favourite.

Nevertheless on the somewhat recent resurrection of film business I decided to give it , Kodak Tri-X, a more fair chance. 

I will shoot both in a medium format camera at box speed with detachable-switchable back and develop then in Rodinal. Of course there are other more suitable developer for both but I will compare apples to apples in this way.

A more in-depth story will follow of how I am setting up the shots, etc..